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Defluorine emergency lotion 500ml

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Product details:

Scope: it can be used for washing eyes and small area skin with hydrofluoric acid spray

Technical parameters: in hydrofluoric acid and acid derivatives splash on the skin or eyes after emergency cleaning products, can be used to eliminate or reduce the corrosive acid and fluorine ion toxic, and at the same time prevent hydrofluoric acid and acid derivatives in the tissue of skin penetration.

Period of validity: two years

Capacity: 500 ml

Method of use: eyes spillage or local small area of skin to hydrofluoric acid or acid derivatives, immediately open the cap and bottle on the eyes or skin to wash, to wash the natural flow, and disposable liquid all used up.

Caution: 1. In order to avoid the occurrence of danger, the eyes or skin should be cleaned immediately (within 1 minute). 2. A bottle of 500m washing liquid is for one eye, and it is recommended to use it all at once. 3. Consult a professional doctor after cleaning.

Maintenance: keep the container well sealed in a cool and dry place. Room temperature storage

Product advantages:

For fluorine ion chelating adsorption, through animal experiments prove effect is more than 100 times stronger than the grape sour calcium, and not in the process of chelating exothermic, non-toxic side effects on the human body does not cause secondary damage without sequelae.

Common customer group:

Used in fluorine chemical industry, upstream enterprises such as 1, production and transportation enterprises. Downstream enterprises such as 2, the use of hydrofluoric acid as cleaning agent industry new energy solar pv industry. 3. Semiconductor industry electronic components, etc. 4. Used units of hydrofluoric acid, such as liquid crystal panel, silicon wafer production and fine chemical industry. 5. Oil field technology enterprises. 6 use hydrofluoric acid etch glass lens enterprises.