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2、4、6inch Ge

n- and p-type Ge

Semi-conducting Ge Specification

Growth MethodVGF
Dopantn-type: As; p-type: Ga
Wafer ShapeRound (DIA: 2" TO 6")
Surface Orientation**(100)±0.5°

**Other Orientations maybe available upon request

DopantAs (n-type)Ga (p-type)
Resistivity 0.05-0.250.005-0.04
Etch Pitch Density (cm2)≤ 300≤ 300

Wafer Diameter (mm)50.8±0.3100±0.3
Thickness (µm)175±25175±25
TTV [P/P] (µm)≤ 15≤ 15
WARP (µm)≤ 25≤ 25
IF* (mm)17±132.5±1
OF (mm)7±118±1
Polish*E/E, P/E, P/PE/E, P/E, P/G
Backside Ra (µm)***< 0.1< 0.1

*If needed by customer

**E=Etched, P=Polished, G=Ground
***Ra=Average Service Roughness
3" AND 6" wafers available upon request
Note: Other Specifications maybe available upon request