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First, the use of an overview

For industrial and mining enterprises, universities, laboratories, scientific research units for elemental analysis and determination of small steel parts quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment heating, can also be used for metal, ceramic sintering, dissolution, analysis and other high temperature and heating.

Second, product features

1. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, easy to operate, accurate, reliable and safe temperature control, with dual digital display of set temperature and measuring temperature.

2, 30-stage programmable controller, can simplify the complex test process, and truly realize automatic control and operation.

3. Special door structure design, the furnace door is easy to open and close. After opening, the surface temperature of the furnace door is not facing the user, and the furnace door is platform-shaped, and the heating object can be placed.

4. The furnace door and the cabinet panel are made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature constant.

5. Immediately after the furnace door is opened or closed, the heating system power is automatically cut off or turned on to ensure the safety of the user.

6, corrosion-resistant lightweight furnace to ensure durability. (Refractory brick furnace or ceramic fiber furnace is optional)

7. The ceramic fiber board is used as the thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of good heat insulation effect and low surface temperature of the shell.

8, can be equipped with embedded printer or RS-485 communication interface. (optional)

9, can add SMS monitoring alarm system. When the user is not at the scene and the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the designated receiver's mobile phone through the SMS first time to ensure timely troubleshooting and recovery test to avoid accidental loss. (optional)

SXL-1002300~1000℃2500WAC 220V
±3℃120 x 200 x 80500 x 550 x 690Iron chromium aluminum high resistance wire
SXL-10084000W200 x 300 x 120595 x 665 x 795
SXL-10168000WAC 380V
245 x 160 x 400675 x 790 x 905 
SXL-1208400~1200℃5000WAC 220V
200 x 300 x 120595 x 665 x 795

AC 380V


245 x 160 x 400675 x 790 x 905 
备注"T" means: light ceramic fiber furnace


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