Invoice problem

Can you open the invoice?

The products sold on the Nanowin website are genuine licensed goods, and all the self operated commodities are issued with regular invoices. The invoice value includes the amount of the distribution fee, unless otherwise specified. Laboratory supplies and equipment, invoice issuance and mailing matters, please contact online shopping center customer service confirmation.

1. How to get the ordinary paper invoice:Select a single time“Ordinary invoices (paper) "self-service", this invoice can be used as a unit reimbursement certificate, one order corresponds to one or more invoices, and the invoice will be sent together with each package.

2.How to obtain VAT invoices:Select a single time“VAT invoice”Self help.

a.For the first time a customer with a special invoice for VAT, please fill in the information required to open a special invoice for VAT (and fill in the ticket information directly at the time of the order). The specific operation path: the personal Center - account setting -Aptitude for increasing tickets.

b.After the completion of the completion, to wait for the status of the audit.

c.If you need to modify or delete the qualification of additional ticket, you can modify and delete this page directly without uploading qualification documents.

Note: The aptitude for effective VAT opening is only one. Qualification examination through 30 After the day, it can be deleted.