Return Policy

Service process of commodity after sale

Seller's after-sales service can be submitted online. You only need to log in to your personal account.Rework/ refundsThe application information can be submitted online.

After-sale service operation help

Enter after landing Member CenterClick the trading center Refund / return and maintenance refund / refund and maintenance home page, click refund to operate refund / return and repair.


Supplementary instructions for return of goods

Product problems, please submit in  member center.refund/ return and maintenance Tell us that the application form is reviewed by the seller, during which you may receive a call from the seller asking about the status of the goods. If the audit is passed, if within 30 days, the seller of the third party did not receive your goods. Your repurchase order will not be automatically checked. If there are any problems, we can re submit rework / return application.

If goods are returned by sellers, you need to send them to the seller or mail them to the seller's address. The third party seller will reimburse the freight for refund if it is not caused by your personal reasons. If it is your personal reason, the freight will be borne by yourself. If there is any discrepancy between the two sides, it is recommended that you contact the merchants online customer service for consultation.