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If I just signed up for an account, how do I submit an order?

1. Select the product [Add to cart]

2. Click [Go to the shopping cart to checkout] - [to settle]


3. Fill in the receipt information and payment and delivery methods, then click Submit Order.

If I have just placed an order, I want to check my order, how to check?

Click [Online Mall] in the upper right corner of the homepage of Nanowin's official website, and the [My Order] will appear to query the order record.




Why can't my order be clicked to confirm receipt?

Nanowin Online Mall delivery order, please confirm the receipt after receiving the goods, if you can not click, it may be a system failure, please try again later.

Reminder: If the order is not confirmed within 20 days, the system will automatically confirm the completion. If the order is not received or an exception occurs, please contact customer service.

Why has my order status been unchanged?

It may be caused by the fact that the courier has not entered the information temporarily. If it has not been updated for a long time, please contact customer service directly to help you.

Why is the delivery order number displayed on the order not available for delivery?

The delivery number cannot be found in the delivery order. Generally, it is caused by the incorrect delivery of the courier number or the courier. If your order has not been updated for a long time, you can contact the online customer service to help you.

How to deal with the receipt of the goods is not their own purchase?

When the product is received, please check the list carefully. If it does not match the list, please contact customer service staff for your disposal.

How is the empty package received, there is nothing inside, how to deal with it?

If the delivery personnel have not left, please contact the online customer service staff immediately; if the delivery personnel have left, please submit the after-sales application form directly, and the professional after-sales staff will handle it for you.

How to modify the delivery time after ordering?

The order of the Nanowin Online Mall can be modified before the order is printed. The small and medium-sized orders can be modified: delivery on weekdays, holiday delivery, and workdays and holidays. In some areas, small and large appliances can choose to specify the delivery date, whichever is the details of the following single page.

How to modify the delivery address after ordering?

For orders shipped by Nanowin, you can modify the final delivery address before order printing. Open the order details page and click the Modify button in the upper right corner. If there is no modification button, the order cannot be modified.

How to modify the payment method after ordering?

The payment method will not be modified after the order is submitted.

How to modify the quantity and color of the product after the order is placed?

Once the order is submitted successfully, you will not be able to modify the quantity and color of the item. If you need to modify it, we suggest you place it again.

What can I modify the order?

Hello, the order can generally be modified to include the consignee's name, contact number, final delivery address, detailed address, delivery time (delivery time cannot be changed after the order is printed, and is subject to the final address). The specific modification content is subject to the page display.

When is the order allowed to be modified?

After you place an order in Nanowin Online Mall, the Navitas daemon will use a series of algorithms to determine whether your order can be modified. If you can modify it, you can see the “Modify Order” button in the order operation column. Can be modified. If there is no such button, the order cannot be modified.

In general, you can modify the order before the items you purchase are not printed.

Can I resume after the order is cancelled?

Once the order is cancelled, it will not be recovered. Please be cautious.

After the order is submitted successfully, how long can it be brought to the door?

It usually takes one week for the spot to be put into production. After the order arrives, you will receive a SMS notification from the mobile phone before you can pick it up.

Can I modify my order after placing an order?

Orders from Nanowin Online Mall, you can modify the order before printing, open "My Order", enter the "Order Details" page you want to modify, click "Modify Order" in the upper right corner, if there is no modification order button, then Indicates that the order cannot be modified.


1. Modifying an order may affect delivery time.

2. The current product information will be subject to revision. Please read the activity information when modifying.

3. Due to the fast production of orders, there may be cases where the modification is unsuccessful.

Can the order reserved mobile number be modified?

The Nanowin shipping order can be modified in the order details page before the order is printed. If the front desk has no modification button, the order cannot be modified.

Violating order processing rules

In order to maintain the rights of users who purchase semiconductor consumables and equipment and Suzhou Nanowin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the merchant), if the user has a violation order as described in this rule, the user promises to accept the merchant in accordance with the rules. deal with.

Ⅰ. The circumstances of the illegal order include but are not limited to the following behaviors:

1. One or more persons agree to use one or more Nanowin accounts to place orders without paying, not fully paying, or choosing to delay delivery, etc.

2. The merchants will single-sell the letter or help the merchant to single-sell the letter;

3. The act of repurchasing goods or services supplied or sold by suppliers, agents, sellers, etc. of goods or services;

4. Purchasing, intermediary, retailer or wholesaler personnel or groups, companies, etc., for the purpose of resale or commercial use of the ordering behavior; (enterprise users, or contract with Nanowin special sales channels)

5. Stealing other people's Navitas account numbers, bank account numbers and other information, or stealing the assets of other people's Nanowin account accounts;

6. Behaviors that threaten the security of the merchant system;

7. There is a violation of the provisions of the User Registration Agreement and the rules of the Nanowin Online Mall Rules;

8. Use the software to register the Nanowin account number, or the registration information, the Nanowin member account with any false information in the order details, or any non-Nanowin approved method (eg robot software, spider software, crawler software, brush) Screen software, etc.) Visit or log in to the Nanowin online store website to include but not limited to the following behaviors:

(1) Receiving and redeeming coupons;

(2) Conducting a draw;

(3) Receive points;

(4) purchase of goods;

(5) Participate in various types of preferential activities;

9. The act of refusing to accept the goods after placing the order, including but not limited to the following situations:

(1) Using the cash on delivery payment method, the same or different Nanowin account number of the same user may not be contacted by the customer for more than 3 times, or may be rejected without any justification before payment;

(2) If the consignee claims that the order is not ordered by me, Nanowin determines that it is a false order or a malicious order;

10. Purchase large quantities of goods, request partial delivery with financial constraints or other reasons;

11. One or more persons desirably use one or more Nanowin account accounts to purchase goods or services, etc., request to change the delivery address, the consignee's, single or cumulative change orders, the total number of orders is greater than or equal to 50, or within 30 days Request the number of changes to be greater than or equal to 3 times, or request to transfer to other carriers for secondary distribution;

12. Use software, technical means, unpacking or other means to register one or more Nanowin account numbers, one person using the same or multiple Nanowin account numbers, or one person for the purpose of collecting offers, discounts, gifts, shipping or other benefits, or It is desirable for others to use the same or multiple Nanowin member accounts to place orders;

13. Extort the blackmail merchant, and the merchant can provide evidence such as chat records or recordings;

14. Send illegal content, advertisements or spam, etc. through order receipt information, order notes, comments, evaluations, etc.

Ⅱ. In the event of any of the above first clauses, the user undertakes to voluntarily accept the merchant to perform any one or more of the following operations on the offending order:

1. Cancel the order;

2. Not shipped;

3. Intercept and recover the orders that have been shipped out and shipped;

4. Restrict and reduce the rights and interests of Nanowin members, such as: cash on delivery, order to purchase goods, etc.;

5. Deduct points;

6. The merchant has the right to recycle, invalidate, or prohibit or restrict the use of points, coupons, gifts or physical prizes that have been obtained in the form of the above first article;

7. Delete or block the offending text, picture or information;

8. Suspend or stop the service;

9. Other businesses believe that necessary control measures are in place.

Ⅲ.Matters needing attention

1. In the event of a violation of the order specified in this rule, if the order is cancelled, not delivered in accordance with the scheduled time, not shipped, etc., will be handled in accordance with these rules, if other rules of the Nanowin online mall platform are inconsistent with the provisions of these rules , the provisions of these rules apply.

2. In the event of a violation of the order specified in this rule, the merchant will take measures such as canceling the order, not delivering the goods, and not providing goods or services to the customer, without any compensation or compensation.

3. If the order is cancelled due to the illegal order in this rule, the refund will be made according to the quick refund process in the platform rules.

4. If you have any questions about order cancellation, non-delivery, etc., you can contact Nanowin online customer service.