Vacuum drying oven       


First, the use of an overview


It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, medical colleges and scientific research units to dry and heat treatment of articles under vacuum conditions.




Second, product features


1. The square studio maximizes the effective area. The tempered, bullet-proof double-glazed door is used to observe the objects in the working room at a glance.

2. The door can be closed tightly and can be adjusted. The integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ring ensures high vacuum inside the box.

3, microcomputer intelligent controller, with setting, measuring temperature double digital display and PID self-tuning function, temperature control is accurate and reliable.

4, the heating power ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily, to ensure that the low-end temperature control has no disadvantages of temperature overshoot.

5. It is especially suitable for drying the heat-sensitive and easily oxidizable substances which are easy to decompose. It can also be filled with inert gas into the studio to dry the specific articles quickly. (Contact the manufacturer for inert gas protection items)

6, can add SMS monitoring alarm system. When the user is not at the scene and the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the designated receiver's mobile phone through the SMS at the first time to ensure timely troubleshooting and recovery of the experiment to avoid accidental loss. (optional)




Third, technical parameters (Technical date):

※ The performance parameter test is under no-load conditions: ambient temperature 20 ° C, ambient humidity 50% RH.


Mains inputAC 220V 50HZ
Temperature control rangeRT+10~200℃RT+10~200℃RT+10~250℃RT+10~250℃RT+10~250℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Consumed power<350W<550W<1400W<1200W<2000W
Vacuum degree<133Pa
Vacuum gaugeMechanical pointer type
Studio size(mm)300×300×275320×320×300415×370×345450×450×450560×590×640
Overall dimensions(mm)586×500×450610×485×485710×550×535635×645×1255732×775×1475
Vacuum pump (standard)--
Carrier bracket (standard)11223
Studio materialsStainless steel(1Cr~18Ni9Ti)




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