Dry heat sterilization box     

First, the use of an overview

For industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory research units and colleges and universities for drying, baking, disinfection, sterilization.

Second, product features

1. Using high-temperature dry heat to oxidize microorganisms, protein denaturation, electrolyte concentration causes poisoning, etc., and kills all microorganisms in a certain period of time.

2, Intuitive and accurate: Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, with setting, measuring temperature, double digital display, accurate and reliable temperature control.

3, Safe and convenient: two sets of safe independent temperature control system, timed temperature control, alarm cut off heating power, to ensure personnel safety.

4, Over-temperature alarm system, sound and light alarm prompts the operator to ensure that the experiment runs safely without accidents. ,

5, Embedded printer, can record the temperature of different time to record, easy to query the temperature control of the whole process. (optional)

6, Can add SMS monitoring alarm system. When the user is not at the scene and the equipment fails, the system collects the fault signal in time and sends it to the designated receiver's mobile phone through the SMS first time to ensure timely troubleshooting and recovery test to avoid accidental loss. (optional)

Mains inputAC 220V 50HZ
Temperature control range
50-250 ℃
Temperature resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature fluctuation±1 ℃
Ambient temperature5-40 ℃
The input power1200W2000W2400W
Studio size(mm)408×334×459552×334×610610×514×672
Overall dimensions(mm)550×570×690695×570×860753×750×921
Carrier bracket (standard)2pieces
Timing range0~9999 min



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    Dry heat sterilization box
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